Thank you for dropping by.  We invite you to take the tour, learn a bit more about this special breed of dog, meet our dogs and us.  If the Labradoodle is the dog for you, we hope you will consider adopting A Sky View Labradoodle.

Our mission is to breed top quality service dogs and family pets,  emphasizing healthy dogs that conform to the breed standard.  All of our breeding stock is health tested, and puppies will come to you with a two year health warranty against serious genetic disorders.



Our 2009 Litter

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A Sky View Labradoodle is a breeder of Australian Labradoodles located in San Diego, California. (California Labradoodles / San Diego Labradoodles - Breeder of Australian Labradoodles). We ship our labradoodles countrywide. Australian Labradoodles are a shedless, hypo-allergenic breed of labradoodles. Tegan Park Devotion (Deva), our foundation girl, is a chocolate Labradoodle who comes to us directly from Tegan Park in Australia, and exemplifies the adorable Labradoodle temperament.

We have placed labradoodles in Arizona, labradoodles in Nevada and across the U.S.

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